Benjamin Braddock as an anti-hero (Essay)

Task: Write an essay about how Benjamin Braddock (from „the graduate“) is an anti-hero!

First of all it must clarified what one understands by the term „anti-hero“.

An anti-hero is for me somebody, who contradicts the typical dogmas of each hero. Such dogmas can represent for example infinite strength, to rescue all people, the opportunity to fly (like „Super-Men“) or other specific abilities and skills. Often, heroes play also a specific or leading and exemplary role.

We find nothing of these basic-prerequisites for being a hero when we look at Benjamin, why we are allowed to title him as an anti-hero right.

In order to prove this claim, it needs a row of arguments.

I would like to quote his general behavior as the first and strongest argument. A big quantity of his actions and trains of thought characterizes an unripe personality. His longer trip for example is an expression of his youthful curiosity. Furthermore it is to add that he risks the adultery of the Robinsons with his unkind behavior. Although his lover asks him in detail not to have a date with her daughter, what he promises, he nevertheless did it. Strikingly for his unripe behavior are still to be named his illogical and not-structured sense-contexts and conversation-topics; he jump from one topic to another, what in general is typical for young people.

Finally I want to emphasize his drug-consumption – no reasonable hero drinks whiskey and smokes cigarettes…