Of Mice and Men – Rabbit-farm (Essay)

Task: Why do you think Lenny is the one who wants to be part of George’s and Lenny’s dream (instead of the other men)?

First of all I think that the reasons for Candy’s wish to be part of a rabbit-farm are to search in his personality.

If one looks at his name (Candy = is a sweetness) it infers that he is a softer guy who likes sweets. Since he also owns a dog, who is shot still later, one could indicate the sense-context that on the one hand Candy likes fluffy animals and therefore also colourful rabbits, and on the other hand one could suspect that he wants just new animals because his old pet died. Moreover Candy is the oldest worker on the farm and unfortunately also an outsider. As he contracts friendship with Lenny and George, he has got friends for the first time and wants to live together with them, why he is delighted to fulfil their desire. Also a fact why Candy wants to be part of Lenny’s and George’s dream is that Candy recognizes he has to turn his empty life into an exciting life with aims und motivation…

Words: 196